A Study on Attractiveness of Celebrity Endorsed Advertisements & Buying Behaviour


  • Dr. Rajiv Jain Assistant Professor




Celebrity Endorsements, Advertisement, Brand Acceptance, Brand Recall, Buying Behavior


Celebrity endorsements are the classified ads wherein any character that appreciates public popularity makes use of this popularity on behalf of a patron precise with the aid of using acting in it. Celebrities like film performers, sports activities individuals, TV stars are broadly utilized by entrepreneurs in classified ads to steer logo preference conduct of customers. They have demographic and mental hook up with the audience and as a result are frequently hired with the aid of using supporters to lend their façade to a product or logo The examiner investigates whether or not superstar endorsements make such classified ads extra attractive to the customers and whether or not they have got tremendous have an impact on brand preference & shopping for conduct. It is primarily based totally on number one statistics accumulated with the assist of a self administered, based closed ended questionnaire from citizens of Delhi for the duration of April –May, 2020. The statistics evaluation equipment protected frequency evaluation; Descriptive evaluation and one pattern take a look at of means (t take a look at) and correlation (Pearson's) evaluation. Linear Regression evaluation became hired to degree the connection among commercial attractiveness, logo acceptance & recollect and patron's shopping for conduct. The evaluation of statistics became completed the use of Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS). The effects of the examiner presents evidences that the customers discover superstar encouraged classified ads as attractive, interest grabbing, powerful and feature tremendous have an impact on logo acceptance & recollect. Celebrity endorsements had been now no longer observed to have a tremendous have an impact on shopping for conduct of the customers. The study additionally suggests that customers do now no longer discover superstar encouraged classified ads to be plausible and sincere and they may be skeptical approximately the facts furnished in them. These findings propose that there may be a want of rethinking at the part of advertisers’ with inside the manner the stars are used and projected within side the classified ads to elicit favorable buy goal responses.


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