Editorial Team

1. Dr. Praveen Kumar S(Editor-in-Chief)
Professor & Dean
School of Commerce and Management,
Bharath Institute of Higher Education and Research,
Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
Email: dean.scm@bharathuniv.ac.in
Mob. No:+91- 9840051344
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2. Dr. Ramona Lile (From Romania)
"Aurel Vlaicu" University of Arad
Email Id: rectorat@uav.ro
Mobil No: +40257283010
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3. Prof. Seyed Mohammad Hassan Hosseini (From Iran)
Associate Professor
Shahrood University OF Technology,
Iran, Tehran
Email Id: sh.hosseini@shahroodut.ac.ir
Mobil No: +98 -9125260501
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4. Dr. Pallavi Tyagi
Associate Professor - HR&OB
Amity College of Commerce and Finance,
Amity University,
Uttar Pradesh, Noida India
Email: ptyagi1@amity.edu
Mob. No: +91-852765522
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5. Dr Kavita Mathad
Dean & Chief Growth Officer
GIBS Business School, Bangalore, India
Email Id: dean@gibs.edu.in
Mob. No: +91 96869 42009
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6. Dr. Deepika Upadhyay
Assistant Professor
School of Commerce, Finance & Accountancy
Christ University
Email Id: deepika.upadhyay@christuniversity.in
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7. Prof. (Dr.) Niloy Sarkar, PhD
Dean- Academics and Advisor,
Campus: Sarisha, Diamond Harbour Road, 24 Parganas (S), West Bengal
Email Id:niloy.sarkar@tnu.in
Mob. No: +91-7980956118
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8. Dr. Ramila Devi Ram Sing
Help University Malaysia