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Climate change can have severe effect on the environment. In this study, the impact of drought in different districts of Punjab, Pakistan was studied using Standardized Precipitation Index (SPI) and Standardized Anomaly Index (SAI). The SPI is applied on the rain data and the SAI was applied on the temperature data. The data was collected from Pakistan Metrological Department. At first, we fit the data on Length Biased Exponential Distribution and then we applied Standardized Precipitation Index on the rain data received from Pakistan Meteorological Department from 1993 to 2022. We also computed SPI using 3-month, 6-month, and 12-month moving average of the original data. We conducted spatial and temporal analysis using SPI and for the visual representation we also plot maps of the past five years for better understanding of the drought. We used temperature to better explain the drought impact in Pakistan. After applying SAI, we find out that temperate of the data is above average which means there is drought impact in different districts of Pakistan. The results show the clear drought pattern in different districts of Pakistan. We ignore the 0 and negative values of rain data before fitting the Length Biased Exponential Distribution as it is undefined for these values and then we compute the results. The graphs show that after taking moving average the drought patterns decrease in districts and also few years does not show any drought pattern.</p> Syed Baqar Hussain Shah Muhammad Furqan Ahmad Copyright (c) 2024 Global Journal of Management and Sustainability (MAS) [ISSN: 2583-4460] 2024-04-29 2024-04-29 2 01 01 17 10.58260/j.mas.2305.0110 Role of Social Media in Empowering Women Entrepreneurs of Small-Scale Industries <p>The paper aims at the study of contributing role of social commerce in promoting women entrepreneurship in small scale industries to raise the scope of financial empowerment of women. Evolution of women from just being the home makers to transforming into empowered women in various fields proving not less to be competent than men. Optimistic perspectives of reformative eminent legendary personalities have paved a way for such a great transition. Women have just come out from the clutches being bonded to kitchens, home making etc. to raise up their efficient skills in contributing to the development and progress of community, society, region and nation in almost all the fields. Women entrepreneurship one amongst such an evolutionary prospect and setting up of small-scale industries by making women as entrepreneurs is a great positive move that improves the credibility of women empowerment. In course of promoting the business activities the mode social commerce transcended rapidly innovative in enhancing the endeavors of women entrepreneurs of SSIs to enlarge and expand their business territories virtually and raise their scope of profitability and ensure longevity of business. Women supported not only by family but also by the social media influencers as they keep on track of promoting these entrepreneurs as a part of their daily routine and fantasy. Various social commerce platforms have made ease of access to women in reaching out customers to know the tastes and preferences and also feedback after giving their products and services. The abstract should summarize the contents of the paper in short terms, i.e. 15-250 words.</p> Aikya. B P Vijayalakshmi B Copyright (c) 2024 Global Journal of Management and Sustainability (MAS) [ISSN: 2583-4460] 2024-04-29 2024-04-29 2 01 18 27 10.58260/j.mas.2305.0111 Development of Structural Equation Model for Innovative Product Packaging for Effective Market Performance with Special Reference to Food Products <p>In today's market, creative product packaging plays an immense role in attracting customers and building a strong brand. Customized packaging has a great chance to succeed, especially when entering new markets with diverse cultural preferences. This study uses a Structural Equation Model (SEM) to comprehend, how innovative packaging can help food products to enter new markets effectively. Initially pilot study was conducted followed by a survey, based on gaps identified from scholarly national and international journals. The researcher has, used both qualitative and quantitative methods of approach to collect and analyze data from 326 samples After eliminating incomplete responses, final sample size was arrived at 300 numbers, after rejecting incomplete information’s. Using JMP software, the data analysis was carried out, which involved tests like Reliability, Validity, Correlation, and Factor analysis to develop SEM model. The findings show good reliability, with a Cronbach's Alpha value of 0.868 and a Kaiser-Meyer-Olkin (KMO) test value of 0.793. It was noted that the model fits well, with Goodness of Fit indices values of 0.98 and a Comparative Fit Index of 0.90. It was suggested that innovative packaging should be designed with demographics and consumer preferences in mind, being visually appealing, informative, and emotionally engaging, to build relationship for lifetime value with consumers</p> Dr . Prof. G.Devakumar Monisha K P Copyright (c) 2024 Global Journal of Management and Sustainability (MAS) [ISSN: 2583-4460] 2024-04-29 2024-04-29 2 01 28 41 10.58260/j.mas.2305.0112 A Study on Attractiveness of Celebrity Endorsed Advertisements & Buying Behaviour <p>Celebrity endorsements are the classified ads wherein any character that appreciates public popularity makes use of this popularity on behalf of a patron precise with the aid of using acting in it. Celebrities like film performers, sports activities individuals, TV stars are broadly utilized by entrepreneurs in classified ads to steer logo preference conduct of customers. They have demographic and mental hook up with the audience and as a result are frequently hired with the aid of using supporters to lend their façade to a product or logo The examiner investigates whether or not superstar endorsements make such classified ads extra attractive to the customers and whether or not they have got tremendous have an impact on brand preference &amp; shopping for conduct. It is primarily based totally on number one statistics accumulated with the assist of a self administered, based closed ended questionnaire from citizens of Delhi for the duration of April –May, 2020. The statistics evaluation equipment protected frequency evaluation; Descriptive evaluation and one pattern take a look at of means (t take a look at) and correlation (Pearson's) evaluation. Linear Regression evaluation became hired to degree the connection among commercial attractiveness, logo acceptance &amp; recollect and patron's shopping for conduct. The evaluation of statistics became completed the use of Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS). The effects of the examiner presents evidences that the customers discover superstar encouraged classified ads as attractive, interest grabbing, powerful and feature tremendous have an impact on logo acceptance &amp; recollect. Celebrity endorsements had been now no longer observed to have a tremendous have an impact on shopping for conduct of the customers. The study additionally suggests that customers do now no longer discover superstar encouraged classified ads to be plausible and sincere and they may be skeptical approximately the facts furnished in them. These findings propose that there may be a want of rethinking at the part of advertisers’ with inside the manner the stars are used and projected within side the classified ads to elicit favorable buy goal responses.</p> Dr. Rajiv Jain Copyright (c) 2024 Global Journal of Management and Sustainability (MAS) [ISSN: 2583-4460] 2024-04-29 2024-04-29 2 01 52 61 10.58260/j.mas.2305.0114 A Comparative Research Study Looks at the Problems Customers Have When Purchasing Online Sports Products from Social Media Advertisements <p>Consumer behavior differs from person to person based on the purchases they make, which are influenced by their purchasing habits and decisions, which in turn are influenced by psychological and social aspects that influence the decision to buy. Interactive media, such as the World Wide Web, is growing increasingly popular in today's culture. Over the last decade, the bulk of business companies have responded to technology advances. Online shopping, or marketing, is the use of technology (specifically, a computer) to increase marketing results. The Internet's evolution, incredible usage growth, and deregulation from a research tool to a free network that everyone can access suggest that marketers are now in favor of using the Internet as marketing. Interactive media, such as the World Wide Web, are becoming more and more prevalent in today's society. Interactive media, such as the World Wide Web, is growing increasingly popular in today's culture. Over the last decade, the bulk of business companies have responded to technology advances. Online shopping, or marketing, is the use of technology (specifically, a computer) to increase marketing results.</p> Dr. NANDA GOPAL L Dr. SANTHI.V Copyright (c) 2024 Global Journal of Management and Sustainability (MAS) [ISSN: 2583-4460] 2024-04-29 2024-04-29 2 01 62 67 10.58260/j.mas.2305.0115 Cross-cultural Influencer Marketing: A Comparative Study <p>In today's globalized market, cross-cultural influencer marketing is more common than ever, but there are still misconceptions about its consequences and efficacy. By examining the dynamics of cross-cultural influencer marketing and pinpointing the critical elements affecting its performance in a range of cultural contexts, this study seeks to close these gaps. This study uses a conceptual research methodology to provide a comparative examination of cross-cultural influencer marketing techniques. Consumers, brand representatives, and influencers provide insightful information when qualitative methods—including a thorough analysis of current literature and qualitative investigations—are employed. The research approach is specifically intended to explore the intricacies of content strategies, consumer interaction tactics, and influencer selection criteria across various cultural contexts. According to the literature review, studies on cross-cultural influencer marketing are becoming increasingly popular, examining issues including long-term effects, customer involvement, and cultural adaptability. The results of this study have practical consequences for marketers who want to create cross-cultural influencer marketing strategies that work. This study clarifies the difficulties and consequences of cross-cultural influencer marketing, which advances our understanding of the field. The study equips marketers to effectively manage the hurdles of cross-cultural marketing by identifying critical success factors and providing actionable solutions. Future possibilities for research include investigating co-creation methodologies, conducting longitudinal effect studies, and investigating ethical issues related to cross-cultural influencer marketing campaigns.</p> M Ganeshkumar S Senthilkumar K Subathra Rohan Thomas Jinu Copyright (c) 2024 Global Journal of Management and Sustainability (MAS) [ISSN: 2583-4460] 2024-04-29 2024-04-29 2 01 42 51 10.58260/j.mas.2305.0113